5 Steps to Reserve your Home

1.    Meet with your sales manager and select your lot and model type you would like to purchase.


2.    A refundable deposit of $1,000 will reserve your lot and model type for a period of  7 days. During this period, you will be       protected from any price increase and be given the opportunity to review all documentation prior to signing the Agreement of       Sale. This time period also allows us to address your questions. Within 48 hours of your lot deposit, prospective buyers are             required to submit a mortgage preapproval application through Tom Tyler of Beneficial Bank (215) 432-3800.


3.    If you do not sign an Agreement of Sale within the 7 day period, the deposit is void, and will be returned to you.


4.    Once you have made the decision to purchase your new home at Reserve at West Goshen. Your sales manager will prepare            the Agreement of Sale. The Agreement of Sale will clearly state and include:


Lot Selection                          HOA Documents

Model Type                            Target Closing Date

Total Purchase Price             Customer Care Manual

5.    At the signing of the Agreement of Sale, payment of 5% of the base price is required. Payment for 100% of any options                 (structural or custom) are required at the time that options are selected.